Enerpad Privacy Policy

1. Obligation to inform the collection of personal information

Xiangye Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as enerpad) will provide enerpad member services, online shopping, marketing activities, data surveys, customer service and other reasonable associations for specific purposes within the operating area during enerpad’s operation period, and with your consent (eg. : Provide enerpad preferential information and important product rights notice to you when you agree) or based on contractual relationship (for example, you agree to enerpad user terms and privacy protection policies due to registered members, and transactions are established due to online shopping). Protection law situation, collection, processing, and use including but not limited to your name, gender, ID number, date of birth, email, contact number, contact address, credit card number (when shopping), education level, income, occupation, position Company name, etc. You can choose the personal information items you want to provide, but when the information is insufficient or incorrect, enerpad will not be able to provide the corresponding goods and services.

(1) enerpad member service: the personal information provided by registered members is mainly used to provide you with more considerate and diversified services (for example: receiving shopping money from enerpad official shopping website from time to time).

(2) Online shopping: The personal data provided by online shopping is mainly used to process transaction orders (e.g. delivery, payment).

(3) Marketing activities: The personal information provided for participating in the marketing activities is only for the use of the activities (e.g. ID card number for the basis of the lottery, telephone number, email address, and address for notification of the lottery result).

(4) Data survey: The personal data provided for participating in the data survey is only for consumer behavior analysis and research unless the interviewee agrees. enerpad will not publish the personal information of individual interviewees.

2. Inquiry, reading, making copies of personal data, supplementing, correcting, stopping collection/processing/utilization, deletion

Regarding the personal information you provide to enerpad, you have to contact the enerpad customer service center to exercise the following rights (but enerpad may refuse your request when it meets the requirements of the <Personal Data Protection Law>):

(1) Inquiries or requests to view enerpad may charge a production cost of NT$100/piece.

(2) The request system to copy the enerpad may charge a production cost of NT$100/piece.

(3) Request for supplement or correction.

(4) Request to stop collection, processing or utilization.

(5) Request for deletion.

3. Use of Personal Information

(1) enerpad will only use the personal data you provide for specific purposes when it is collected, except in the following circumstances:

1. Subject to the requirements of judicial organs or other competent organs based on legal procedures.

2. Use for other purposes with your written consent.

3. Other circumstances complying with the <Personal Data Protection Law>.

(2) enerpad provides you with preferential information and important product rights information (for example: e-mail) will indicate that it is sent by enerpad, and will also provide you with instructions on how to stop receiving such information or function links on the information.

4. enerpad shares your personal data with third parties

(1) Third-party vendors: In order to provide you with more efficient services, richer activities, and safer data management, enerpad will entrust professional third parties (e.g. freight companies, banks, public relations marketing companies, capital Security companies, etc., hereinafter referred to as "third-party vendors") perform such services and activities, so it is necessary for third-party vendors to contact, process, or use your personal data. The collection, processing or use of your personal data by third parties shall be regarded as the collection, processing or use of your personal data by enerpad.

(2) Enerpad Group affiliated companies: enerpad will synchronize your member registration information when you agree, so that your member registration information can be synchronized to other related enerpad group affiliated company websites or systems. In this way, you do not need to spend additional time to register the relevant enerpad group related company website or system to enjoy the website or system related services.

5. other

(1) In addition to the personal information you actively provide on the website, you may also actively provide your name, email and other personal information in the discussion areas, message boards and other places on enerpad’s websites. This form of information provision is not in enerpad’s privacy Rights protection policy.

(2) Websites linked to enerpad may also obtain your personal information. For the personal information you voluntarily provide to these linked websites, the privacy protection policy established by the linked website shall apply, and enerpad is not responsible for any joint liability for such linked websites.